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Pregnancy Survival Guide for First-Time Mums - After Story

On this episode of After Story, we're tackling a topic that can often be considered taboo and confusing for first-time pregnant women - what should you avoid during pregnancy and what can you do to survive the experience? Our discussion will cover what's safe and not safe during pregnancy, and how to take care of yourself during this exciting, but sometimes overwhelming period. Starting off with the first step - beauty and pregnancy - we explore why hormonal changes during pregnancy can make an extensive skincare routine unnecessary. We talk about the positive changes your skin might go through, which is why it's better to focus on nourishing food like soups instead. And if you're worried about stretch marks, we share an easy and gentle way to take care of your skin. We also discuss the amazing experience of feeling your baby kick and why recording your baby's movements during your third trimester can be a great idea. Our speaker shares her own pregnancy survival tips, from borrowing her husband's clothes for comfort to finding ways to make the food rules more flexible and delicious. We also answer questions about what clothes to wear during pregnancy, including how to make clothing last longer by using belts and buttons to adjust the fit. Whether you're experiencing morning sickness or not, there are plenty of tips and tricks for surviving pregnancy and helping to make the experience a positive one. So join us on this episode of After Story as we share advice, stories, and survival tips for pregnant women.

Hospital Checklist

How to be pregnant or should I say things to avoid in pregnancy, now let's talk about thing's you can do. There's so much taboo on what you can have when you're pregnant. So I wanted to talk about it. I'm sure if this is your first time getting pregnant, you want to know what you can and can't do. And when you're in your third trimester, you're probably thinking, what can I do? Because it seems you can't do anything. So we're going to cover what you can and can't do and how to survive pregnancy.

Step one. Let's talk about beauty.

Now everyone talks about the pregnancy glow. So when it comes to skincare, you could get away with throwing it all out. Just moisturize sunblock, nothing else. Don't worry about it because with your hormones, your skin is going to change anyway. And honestly, it's most likely going to be for the better at this point you raging hormones are sending out all the good stuff to your skin and baby that your hair and skin will be naturally amazing. Afterwards, you can worry about it. But right now you could just have some soup and that will do the job. Promise.
Skincare during pregnancy
Another tip, get a long scrubbing brush, and it's actually really good for increasing collagen and to prevent stretch marks. So get a long scrubbing brush. And every day where you think that you'll get stretch marks, just give it a good scrub for a good minute or two, the longer the better. Same thing as if you're going to cleanse your face, but on your body, scrub your hips and the top half of your body to help prevent stretch marks. Also, when you've got a big bump, it's actually going to be such a lifesaver when you're in the hospital and you can't reach your feet because you can use your long handled scrubby brush to reach your toes. And yes, I'm only talking about what you can do because that's what people should be talking about. It shouldn't be about what you can't do. Just think about the olden days and what they used to do, because that's basically it.

So on to the next topic, food. How to survive pregnancy third trimester.

Now, I was really lucky and I didn't get any morning sickness because all I ate was fresh food. There was no chips, no ice cream, everything was made from scratch, from the bread to the pasta. Just clear your pantry of anything that's processed and you'll be fine. If you're in your third trimester, you're probably missing a few foods. There has been some information about how cold food is not an option, I'm talking about cheese. And yes, they're probably right, but actually, you can heat it up and then all of that bad bacteria is gone. So think about putting your camembert cheese in the oven and heating it up.
Chop off the top, dip it in some toasted bread and you've got the most delicious snack.

How to survive first trimester nausea

If you feel like a little bit nauseous because something smells really strong, keep a bottle of lavender next to you because lavender is one of those or one of the very few scented smells that is actually really good for you. And just smell that the whole time because it's great. It's so good for you. It is what's going to relax you, what you're most likely going to spray all over the room at the hospital and it will help you with your nausea.

And now let's talk about clothes.

Now, I know what you're thinking, nothing fits. But that's okay.

Just get a little bit creative. So think upsizing. Like if you're a size eight, get a size 16. Wear something that has a belt because then you can keep wearing it. And buttons are always good. Another option is no one's ever mentioned this before, little secret, men's track pants. It goes right over your bump. And those wide belts work really well to hold the bump up which will help with your back pain.

But most of all, don't forget to enjoy that feeling of a baby growing inside of you. It's just so beautiful. And when you feel that kick, it will be amazing. And nowadays, when you're in your trimester three, make sure to record it because you can actually see that little kick. So basically that is my little blip of how to survive pregnancy. Now, a little bit about me. I did not get morning sickness. I have one child to date.

My pregnancy was very comfortable because I borrowed my husband's clothes, and basically lived off his clothes. And it was so comfortable. In terms of food, yes, I did struggle, I will admit that. But then I learned that all you need to do is heat it up and then all the red tape is a little more of a gray area. Now, stay strong. I know that when you're in your third trimester, it gets a little bit tough to follow the rules. But try your best. Drink soup, eat broccoli, and it you will do amazing. And you're going to be an amazing parent.

I can't wait to hear your stories of how you went in your pregnancy.

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