Our Story

After Story comes from the idea of "happily ever after".
This is my After Story. Each bag is named after the places I've been inspired by and the struggles I had in each location.

As a mum planning to return to work after maternity leave, the last thing I wanted was to carry multiple bags for different purposes.
Seeing other mothers struggling with oversized yet empty baby bags, I realised that less was truly more. It became clear that the key to a better baby bag was versatility, and it would curb our need for multiple bags in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Months of dedication and hard work paid off as I invented a handbag design that not only accommodated my breast pump but also seamlessly incorporated a lunchbox, transforming it into the ideal toddler bag or a practical work lunch companion.
This breakthrough discovery not only simplified the lives of mums like me but also gave rise to a whole new way of thinking about baby bags—for good.

It’s time to start your story!
Sue Ryburn

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The making of After Story bags

The Team

Our Team

Our dedicated and passionate team, based here in Auckland NZ, handle everything from product design, quality control, customer service and shipping. Our team is comprised of students, travellers, professionals and parents, whose combined objective is to create eco-friendly, exceptionally functional, luxury products.


Giving Back

With a strong desire to help women, we have chosen the global not-for-profit organisation, Dress for Success, as the charity we’d like to support. Dress for Success empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Having had personal experiences with this amazing charity and seeing how it helps future leaders, we decided it was the charity we wanted to give back to. If you ever feel the need to discard your bag in future, for any reason, we can organise a courier for you to send it back to us, where it will be donated to Dress for Success.
1 bag will be donated for every 10 orders made.



We’re making it our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact through continuous improvement. In addition to our vegan leather bags, we endeavour to use recyclable packaging. 100% of the supporting transport materials such as cardboard boxes, paper and plastics, are recycled right here in New Zealand. We also strive to create innovative designs that will continue to reduce our carbon footprint, with the hope that our bags will be with you for a lifetime.


Sustainability Project

Cardboard Boxes - Materials

Our cardboard boxes are made from 47% recycled cardboard and 53% responsibly sourced materials from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This responsibly sourced component includes virgin pulp, which is made predominantly from forest offcuts which otherwise would have gone to waste.

Cardboard Boxes - Disposable

Our cardboard boxes are 100% kerbside recyclable; meaning you can put our delivery packaging in your regular recycling bin. You can also get creative and reuse the boxes for home storage or kids play art - such as a dollhouse, fortress or car.

Protective Packaging - Materials

Our protective packaging bags are made from Polyurethane Laminate Fabric (PUL), which is a soft, breathable, flexible, durable, waterproof fabric. We selected PUL packaging as it is versatile and can be reused.

Protective Packaging - Reusable

You can reuse our PUL protective packaging to store your:
Laundry while traveling 
Change mat
And use it to protect your After Story bag when packed away.


Our Materials

We value quality which is why we use premium vegan leather, not only because it is animal-friendly, but also because it is light, durable and water resistant. We are proud to be able to offer luxury leather bags with 100% cruelty-free materials using polyurethane leather. Vegan leather also requires less energy and waste than traditional leather. In addition, our green leather is strong and far more resistant to water marks and scratches.

When it comes to your everyday handbag, you don't want it looking like it's been through a war zone. That's why our handbags are made with a water resistant lining - they're easy to clean and mean you never have to worry about spills ruining your bag! So your bag looks great and stays looking great.

Quality matters. We use YKK zippers used by the most renowned fashion brands guaranteeing you reliable zips.

Product Care

Everyone should be able to enjoy life, literally.

We recommend spot cleaning vegan leather as needed with mild soap, warm water, and a clean soft white cloth. Avoid harsh solvents such as alcohol, acetone, and oil, which could harm the bag.

When you’re not using your bag, store it in our special After Story wet bag and keep away from direct sunlight.

FACT: vegan leather requires 30% less energy and 20% less waste than regular leather. It’s more water-resistant, scratch resistant and easier to clean, too. 

Press & Media

Press & Media 

But What Came Before..?

The Story Behind This Iconic Handbag Collection

The Vision

A woman's handbag is an extension of her identity, and we want to help instil a sense of empowerment and confidence, even amidst life's most demanding moments.
The women’s handbags we create have convertible features to flow with the narrative of your life. Each compartment and its function has been thoughtfully measured to accommodate specific items that align with your life as a modern parent, from laptop to lunchbox.

From One Mother to Another
As a mother myself, I recognise the rarity of bags designed for women transitioning back to the workforce after having a baby.
Whether you’re supervising playdates in the park or making power moves at work, our bags are a symbol of purposeful style, integrating functionality seamlessly.

Conscious Consumption
By crafting accessories that stand the test of time, we are all making a meaningful contribution towards reducing waste and, crucially, fostering a more conscious approach to consumption.
Let us empower you with stylish, functional, and eco-friendly baby bags that transcend the ordinary.