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Using a Wet Bag: Essential for Parents & Everyone - After Story

A wet bag is a versatile and convenient tool that can make your life easier in a variety of ways. From laundry to travel to storage, wet bags can help you keep your belongings clean and organized. And because they're reusable, wet bags are also eco-friendly. Perfect to store an After Story handbag.

What is a wet bag?

Wet bags are usually made from a water resistant material such as polyurethane laminate (PUL) and are used to store wet or soiled items. Common uses for wet bags include storing dirty cloth diapers, swimsuits, or sweaty gym clothes. Wet bags can also be used to store wet wipes, make-up removal pads, or other hygiene products.
The brilliant thing about it? It's breathable so your stuff won't get moldy if you accidentally forget about drying your wet gear for a week. That's why we chosen to include a wet bag with every After Story bag order.

How do we use our Wet Bag?

We love that it is a convenient and sanitary way to store wet or items. Wet bags can be used to store dry items such as snacks, change of clothes, or toys. We like to store diapers and wipes while on the go. They're perfect for storing items like extra underwear, socks, or swimsuits when you're packing for a trip. You can also use them to store damp sports equipment after practice or a game. Wet bags are often used by campers and hikers to store their sleeping bags and other gear while they're out on the trail.
In the summer, when we go swimming, we can pack our towel, bathing suit, sunscreen all in one wet bag so everything stays together (and dry). No more rummaging through your backpack or beach bag looking for your things! Plus, if you accidentally drop your wet bag in the sand or dirt, no worries - it'll shake right off thanks to the waterproof material.
Using a wet bag as a change mat or set it on the grass at a festival so you can sit down and keep yourself dry.
So there you have it - A wet bag can make your life easier in many ways. They are versatile, convenient, and eco-friendly. Wet bags can be used for laundry, travel, storage, swimming, and as a change mat. If you are looking for a way to simplify your life, get your free Wet Bag from After Story.
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