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London Inspired - The Laptop Work Bag & After Work Crossbody Bag

What inspired the design of the London Bag?

It was 2012. 

I was in my final year of studying before reaching the world of the working class. 
As a student, I carried a laptop, charger, notebook and pen. Phone in my pocket. The notebook was kind of like my second screen because it had what I needed to do then I had the laptop for what I had to do.

I was there in the daytime.

After an exam, it's traditional to go to the bar for a wind down of drinks.

I don't want to damage my laptop, but I don't want to miss out either.

After my studies, I went on the backpacking trip of a lifetime. 
20 countries later.

London was one of the last stops because it's better to go last, to stretch the funds at the end than accidentally go through it quickly at the start and then go home sooner.

You need to be ready for anything. So it's a bag that you can take to a meeting or classes in the day time, then leave your laptop/tablet in the office or car. Fold the bag up, then it's the perfect small size bag for social events.

And so London was born, inspired by the fast-paced and play-hard lifestyle.

Wear it casually at a festival or formally.
Timeless, classy and convertible.

The perfect Laptop Bag for taking to business meetings and campus student life.

It's so easy to slip the laptop in the bag. It has a magnetic exterior pocket for easy access to my phone and wallet plus another zip pocket for my notebook. I know it's a bit outdated to have a notebook nowadays but I love to be able to hand write notes and draw ideas quickly.

At the end of the day, it's time to get ready with me for afterwork drinks

After all the meetings and learning, it's time to chill out for a bit before going home. It's always nice to do a bit of banter between colleagues outside of work, after all that's where half my life is. It's time to go have a laugh and get in a alcohol induced lull. Let's leave the laptop at the office and fold the bag in half as we move into half speed as our brain functions not so well.

Convert it from laptop bag to crossbody bag.

The ideal everyday bag when you have a few essentials you need and don't want to carry a big bag. Looks classy in a formal event too.

I love that it has a water resistant lining and exterior so you can easily wipe spills clean. The lining can be pulled inside out to remove any crumbs quickly. Such a pristine looking bag, you'll always look flawless just like a Londonite.


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